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Snow White (2023) DVD

Snow White (2023) DVD

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Choreography and Direction: Gavin McCaig

Composer: Richard Norriss

Revised and adapted by: Ian Stephens

Musical Director: Phillip Hesketh 

Original Costume Designer: Sarah Godwin

Lighting Design: Mark Johnathan

Technical Director: James Smith

London Children’s Ballet production is Snow White, based on the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. LCB fresh take on the classic fairy tale. Full of drama and humour, this warm-hearted story is set to the music of a live orchestra and is perfect for the whole family. Snow White is so named because she is born in the midst of a raging snowstorm. Nine years later, a new and frightening force has entered the palace. The King has married again. Filled with jealousy by Snow White’s beauty, the evil Queen and her Raven accomplice plot to kill her. Yet our heroine narrowly escapes time after time, helped by some new friends.

LCB’s annual West End productions are an ideal way to introduce younger audiences to ballet and classical music. Performed by an all-child cast, the star quality of the dancers aged 9–16 and brilliantly told stories make LCB ballets a sell-out success year after year, popular with children and adults alike. The productions are set to stunning, original classical scores and played by a live orchestra.