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Secret Garden (2007)

The Secret Garden (2007) DVD

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Choreographer: Christine Sundt
Composer: Artem Vassiliev
Original Scenario: Lucille Briance
Costume Design: Eva le Blanc
Set Design: Liz Cooke
Lighting Design: Matthew England

Mary Lennox is selfish little English girl who is left orphaned in India and sent back to England to live with her uncle in a large gloomy house, Mistlethwaite Manor. The head gardener tells her about a secret garden which was locked up by her uncle when his wife died there ten years ago. With a little help from the Robin and a boy called Dickon, she finds the hidden key and the secret garden and determines to bring the garden back to life. She uncovers another mystery at Misselthwaite Manor… her Cousin Colin, who is hidden away and sick. With the help of Dickon and the magic of the secret garden, both Mary and Colin become healthy and well and find happiness for the first time in their lives.