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Snow White (2009) DVD
Snow White (2009)

Snow White (2009) DVD

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Choreographer: Olivia Pickford
Composer: Richard Noriss
Original Scenario: Lucille Briance
Costume Design: Sarah Godwin
Set Design: Kate Matthews
Lighting Design: Simon Bennison

A wicked Queen is filled with rage and jealousy when her magic mirror tells her she is no longer ‘the fairest of them all’. She orders the death of her beautiful step-daughter, Snow White, but the girl escapes into the forest.  Exhausted, she creeps into a strange little house and goes to sleep, but wakes to find seven dwarves staring at her. They all adore Snow White and invite her to live with them. But the evil Queen sees in her mirror that Snow White is still alive. Enraged, she determines to kill Snow White herself. After several failed attempts, she tempts Snow White into eating a poisoned apple.  The Dwarves are grief-stricken by her death and they leave her to rest in a glass coffin. A Prince, smitten by Snow White’s beauty, begs the Dwarves to allow him to take her away with him. On moving the coffin, Snow White tumbles out and the piece of poisoned apple dislodges from her throat. She wakes up the two fall in love, while the evil Queen’s magic catches up on her.

Snow White, based on Grimm’s original fairytale, takes the audience from the death of Snow White’s mother in a dramatic snow storm, through to the first meeting of an engaging seven-year-old Snow White and her ultimate transformation into the ‘fairest of the land’ that sends the Queen into a rage of revenge. Accompanied by her trusting seven dwarfs, a smattering of twinkling snowflakes and a birthday scene of dancing cupcakes topped with strawberry and chocolate chip berets this ballet for 2009 is completely charming, funny and full of magic and mystery.